Friday, September 17, 2010

Ace & TJ employee bets job on Panthers' win

KISS 95.1 Photo
From a press release that just popped into our inbox:

Nationally syndicated top rated Morning Show Ace&TJ hopes hometown NFL team the Carolina Panthers have a winning season and soon, or else they are out a show member!

Stunt guy, White Shadow promises a victory for the Panthers within the first 5 weeks of the regular season and he’s willing to bet his job on it.

The team must have a win by October 11th for the part-time employee and former intern of nearly 3 years to keep his position.

Following a season opening loss against the NY Giants in the Meadowlands, the Panthers next chance for victory will be at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday September 19thagainst the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Ace&TJ Show stunt guy, White Shadow is most known for his stint living on the roof of the radio station last year for 20 days, until the Panthers won a game during the 2009-2010 season. After a disappointing pre-season and a loss to the Giants last week, Shadow vowed not to live on the roof again, claiming that the team would fare better this year than last. If the Panthers don’t win a game over the next 4 weeks, or game 5 of the regular season, Shadow promises to walk away from his job on the show.

“Living on the roof was my way to rally for the guys last year, now I’m confident in my team. I’m not worried I will lose my job by October, even if Moore can’t play,” Shadow said.

Ace points out, “This shows his dedication to the Panthers. We don’t want to lose him, but we’ve made him aware that now this has become public there is no backing down. If the Panthers don’t win he has to leave the show.”

TJ adds, “We love his dedication to the Panthers, we’re just not that crazy about his dedication to the job!”

Kelli Bartik, FOX Charlotte sports anchor, joined the Ace&TJ Show this week and commented that on paper, the Panthers had a good shot to win in their match up against the Buccaneers. This could be their best chance for a win until week 5 when they play the Chicago Bears. Shadow and the Panthers have until October 10th against the Bears to win.

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