Friday, January 14, 2011

Nature Museum plans to do chicken right

Feel like chicken this weekend?

The Charlotte Nature Museum will highlight the diversity and popularity of this feathered friend during its montly "Creature Feature" event, set for 10 a.m.-1 p.m. on Saturday.

Scheduled highlights include: live chickens on display, from the Rhode Island red (America's best-known breed, which lays brown eggs), araucana (which lays blue eggs and has feather tufts near their eyes), and dominique (popular for both their eggs and their meat); museum birds Nellie, a barred owl, and recently born button quails; and presentations from naturalists who will teach guests about habitats, behaviors of local birdlife, and raising chickens in your own backyard. There will also be a "story time" session and a puppet show for kids.

"Creature Feature" activities are free with museum admission ($6 for ages two and older, free for anyone younger and museum members).

Charlotte Nature Museum is at 1658 Sterling Road, adjacent to Freedom Park in the Dilworth/Myers Park area. Click here for the website.


Anonymous said...

Presumably this is sponsored by Price's, Bojangles, or KFC?

Anonymous said...

mmmm Prices. So yum.