Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Charlotte family hatches global relief plan

J.D. Lewis, a noted Charlotte-based acting coach (and a single dad), has created a unique project called "Twelve In Twelve" that have him and his two sons doing humanitarian work on all seven continents over the next year.

The seed for the idea was planted when Lewis' older son, Jackson, 13, who "came to me and asked if we could do something to make a difference in the world," says Lewis, who moved his company -- The Actors Lab -- from L.A. to Charlotte nearly four years ago.

After much soul-searching, Lewis hatched a plan: "Pack up the house, set out with little or no resources, and find out what was truly needed in the world and what we could do to make a real difference."

Lewis, Jackson, and his youngest son, Buck (age 8) leave July 1 to travel to 12 countries in 12 months to do humanitarian work. They will spend one month each in Russia, India, China, Cambodia, Senegal, Rwanda, Tanzania, Australia, South Georgia Island, Paraguay, Peru and Haiti. They will be living and working in orphanages, hospitals, hospices, schools and in townships; a documentary film crew will be present to record their experiences.

"The goal of the trip is to inspire others to make similar efforts abroad," Lewis says.

For more information, and to (eventually) follow their travels through photos, videos, and blogs, visit:

You can also support the family's efforts by participating in a fundraiser called 12K for Twelve in Twelve at the U.S. National Whitewater Center on April 23, the day before Easter. Activities include a 12K trail race, a 1.2-mile "Bunny Hop" and a huge Easter Egg Hunt. For details on that, click here.


Chad Pink said...

Incredible. The world needs more people like this!

thecentralscrutinizer said...

7 Continents, really? That is pretty impressive!