Friday, March 11, 2011

iPad 2 creates geek frenzy on launch day

Gadget nerds like to line up to be among the first to get their hands on new electronic toys, and the gadget nerds were out in force today for the launch of Apple's new iPad 2.

They lined up days in advance in some cases, and a woman in New York City got entrepreneurial, selling her spot at the head of the line for $900.

The second-generation tablet -- which is thinner, lighter and faster than the original iPad, but doesn't bring much else to the table except front- and rear-facing cameras -- went on sale at The Apple Store, and at Best Buys, Targets and Wal-Marts in the Charlotte area at 5 p.m. today.

Area customers also could order the iPad 2 online directly from Apple beginning at 4 a.m. this morning, but those shipments won't be fulfilled for several days, according to the company's website.

Me, I'm a gadget geek, so I was up at 4 placing an order for a new white iPad. But when I realized it wouldn't arrive at my doorstep for at least a week, I began plotting to be in one of the many lines that would be forming.

Anyway, I told my boss I was going to leave work early and go iPad 2 hunting, making a promise to write a quick blog entry about it. My story isn't very interesting: I got to the uptown Best Buy (at Metropolitan) right around 4, jumped into a longish but not terrible-looking line, and was informed within seconds by a roving store employee that I was No. 60.

I was hoping for one of the new white ones, but by the time the person handing out tickets got to me shortly before the doors opened at 5, the only white model left was the $700 64GB model. Too rich for me. So I opted for the black 16GB ($500).

An hour and a half later, I walked out with my new toy -- and a plan to sell the white one for a profit, assuming that the new color continues to be in short supply for at least a little while (if not, I'll just to return it to Apple).

If you're still reading by this point, you are either really bored or you have some interest in the new iPad as well. Assuming the latter is true ... did you get your hands on one today? Or are you happy with your iPad 1? Or are you waiting for the iPad 3? Or none of the above?


Anonymous said...

Walked into the Walmart in Monroe at 4:00pm and they had gotten 3 of them and no one was even in line...waited there for 1 hour and got the one I wanted!!