Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's new at Museum of the New South?

I was disappointed last month when I dropped in on the Levine Museum of the New South only to find my favorite part of its award-winning “Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers” exhibit was closed for renovation.

The other displays – ranging from a one-room tenant farmer’s house to a civil-rights-era lunch counter – are interesting enough, but the end section (closed since mid-January) is so much more urgent because it covers 1970 to 2010. It’s always fascinating to walk through knowing that these changes happened in Charlotte so recently.

The good news is that the uptown museum will reopen this expanded end section next Friday. Here are just a few of the many new highlights:

The 10-minute intro film has been completely revised, and now features narration by former Bank of America CEO Hugh McColl, famed NASCAR promoter Humpy Wheeler, and radio personality Ramona Holloway.

A 1908 Union National Bank ledger displayed juxtaposed next to one of the first computer-linked ATMs.

A fire suit worn in 2009 by NASCAR driver and California native/now-New Southerner Jimmie Johnson.

The interactive “Picture Yourself in History,” which uses green-screen technology to allow visitors to superimpose themselves into a historic scene from the exhibit; they can then e-mail the image to themselves.

If you’d like a sneak peek at the updated exhibit – and have some disposable income to spend on a nice night out – the museum is hosting a 20th anniversary party called “Taste of Time” next Thursday evening. ($125 per person, or $100 for museum members.) Otherwise, make plans to visit on or after the grand reopening next Friday.


Also, read more about this great museum in the online version of SouthPark Magazine by clicking here.


Larry said...

The why we hate ourselves exhibit will soon be open for those who fully support the effort of this facility.

Lately White Loathing has been a luxury but seems to be on the upswing and once again is being taught to the children as part of their upbringing in upscale homes as a trendy way of living.

The Observer will of course keep us fully informed of any changes and future race related matters that elevate us to the levels they want us to be, as they wish.

NCdirtdigger said...

Any exhibits on "the banks that stole your wealth"? That seems to have been big around here the last decade or so.

Jenna said...

Since others are already bitter and making smarta** remarks, I want to, too.

An appropriate permanent exhibit would be "Charlotte Social Snobbery."

We ALL know how cliquey Charlotte is. From the "new money" snobs on the southside (who resent local native-borns), to the new honkies streaming in from Ohio, Michigan and upstate New York (who make no effort to say hi), to the creeps from NYC, NJ and Boston (Who all groups wish would leave and relocate to southeast Flordia).


Anonymous said...

Larry is bitter about everything 24x7.

Bitter, party of 1? Bitter, party of 1.

Theoden, thanks for the update on this excellent museum. :)

Anonymous said...

They make no effort to say hi becuase where they come from, it's an invitation to trouble.

I was in Los Angeles recently and said hello to a woman who passed me in our office corridor who then turned her nose up in the air!

I mean, I have a face for radio but that was just silly.

In some US cities, people are scared and fearful. And maybe snobby, too.

Larry said...

Funny how Larry posts who he is?

But then again Larry does not attack people, because if he did he would not want to post his name.

Oh wait is that just a liberal thing?

ScottCLT said...

Can't wait to see the refreshed exhibit. Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Maybe they can add a new exhibit entitled "How Section 8, gangs and illegal immigrants ruined East Charlotte." I grew up there and miss the way it was. Simply unrecognizable now. And the sad part is nobody seems to care except for the people who still live there.

Anonymous said...

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