Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NASCAR Hall of Fame offering 'local rate'

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is introducing a special Local Rate throughout the months of February and March.

Guests with a valid N.C. or S.C. photo ID can receive the special price -- $15.95 for adults, $14.95 for seniors and $9.95 for children -- when purchasing at the NASCAR Hall of Fame box office during regular operating hours.

“We are offering this limited-time promotion to allow Carolinians an opportunity to get to know us better and experience all we have to offer,” said Winston Kelley, executive director of the NASCAR Hall of Fame, in a statement.

The Local Rate admission is offered from Feb. 1-March 31 and provides full access to the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Tickets to the NASCAR Hall of Fame can be purchased by calling 877-231-2010 or at The venue is open daily 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Anonymous said...

good luck with that.

i thought the forecast projections said we'd be making millions on this per month now.

John said...

What everyone seems to forget is that those projections were based on the economy as it was at the time, the HOF opened to a much worse economy than originally expected and so it has, quite naturally, been negatively impacted. How much was your house worth when the HOF was announced compared to now?

Anonymous said...

What a scam - a further insult to all NASCAR fans - If the Hall was locatwed in a converted garage next to a track - fans would be lining up at the door - instead they get a slick multimedia exhibit designed for one thing - to further line the pockets of the LaFrance family. Just becasue NASCAR fans drive trucks doesn't mean they are all stupid enough to shell out a days wages for their family to visit the LaFrance shrine

Hooters#7 said...

Anon 2:23

Not to rain on your parade, but the France family receives no money from the hall.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

I will NOT go downtown just to visit the Hall of Fame.

It does NOT belong there. It belongs, instead at the Speedway which has much better access than going into downtown Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Should have built it in the middle of the trailer park.