Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Discovery Place exhibit opens May 25

"LIFE: A Journey Through Time" -- a new photography exhibition called set to open at Discovery Place Wednesday, May 25 -- will showcase "the transformation of Earth and its natural phenomena ... from its earliest beginnings to its present diversity."

The exhibition is an original multimedia presentation that blends art, science, and the imagery of acclaimed National Geographic wildlife photographer Frans Lanting, who for seven years (beginning in 2000) traveled the world "on a mission to spotlight new scientific insights and the history of life forms."

His destinations included some of the most desolate and rugged areas of the globe, including Siberia’s Kamchatka Peninsula and remote Western Australia, where life-forms 3 billion years old still dominate the landscape.

The exhibition organizes 64 large-format photographs in terms of five basic elements that Lanting says make up the universe: earth, water, fire, air and space. His images include giant tortoises, prehistoric trilobites, delicate jellies, spiny octopus trees, erupting volcanoes and shimmering coral reefs.

"The 'LIFE' exhibition is a gallery display that walks the line between science and art," said John Mackay, president and CEO of Discovery Place. "It is a beautiful celebration of the planet and its history that demonstrates the remarkable magnitude of our world's biodiversity."

"LIFE: A Journey Through Time" is on display at Discovery Place May 25 through Sept. 5, and is free with museum admission. Photography is not allowed. Details: Click here.


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